I have had more blogs than I have had blog posts. The Way Back Machine contains a humiliatingly high number of websites bearing my name that contain a single blog post and some mention of being the latest and greatest blog. The last one (that previously existed on this domain) at least shows some awareness of the problem:

I have a life-long passion for creating blogs and immediately forgetting about them, this is probably the latest.

So this is the latest one of those. Will this be different? Perhaps. I’ve previously been a little too eager to try out the latest static-site generators but soon discover their limitations. I’m also less eager to continue learning how to use the static-site generator when I just want to make a change a year later.

This is just a simple Rails site, which I hope means I can come back to it, at any time, and add entire new features and toys. The design is simple and I’m hoping that I can plop anything below the header and keep it somewhat incorporated with the rest of the site.

I thought it would be fun (and eventually even save me bother) if the menu system on this site could be generated from Rails’ routes.rb config file.

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